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July 21, 2012
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The Perfect Stallion? by NaterRang The Perfect Stallion? by NaterRang
:icontrixieohnoesplz: X :iconcobraplz:

Let the shipping begin...

This comic is a gift to, and the brainchild of :iconkobrakin: . It's a small token of my gratitude for his efforts in writing not one, but comedic two fan-fictions featuring a few of my OCs! (He also supplied the dialog for this comic. ;) )

Check out his work if you have the chance, he's known for comedy, (his hilarious comments on various deviations as an example,) but his more serious stories are well written and show off his literary skills.

Anyway, enough gushing.
Back to the Apple Family comic! :iconapplejackishappyplz:
(I swear I'm going to finish that thing one of these days...)
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Once again English is not my first language so please be patient everypony.

Now this is just hilarious as simple as that. To compare the Commander to Trixie this idea just made my day and the most amazing part is the reaction they have when they find out that they only have ONE match :P.

Now for a change in your work (which always brings me to tears(you ass JOKING I LOVE YOUR WORK) this is a piece that I would recomend to everyone since its just great.

Any who as always an amazing job so please keep it up we just love it :D

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:icontrixiecondescendsplz: ...Is Trixie to assume you are her date?
:iconcobraponyplz: Bah! Don't remind me. Make no mistake, I'm only here because that idiotic site only provides refunds if you actually go on a date.
:icontrixiescoffplz: Ha! The Great and Powerful Trixie is glad to know you did not make the mistake of presuming yourself worthy of her. She is also here for the sole purpose of securing a refund.
:iconcobraponyplz: Good! Because there's no way I would even need that idiotic farce of a website to get a date. I only tried it on a whim to begin with, and certainly not because I was soul-crushingly lonely. That would be...absurd!
:icontrixiescaredplz: Yes...Trixie agrees! The idea that she would require assistance in finding companionship is...laughable! Yes. Completely laughable.
:iconcobraponyplz: ...
:icontrixiescaredplz: ...
:iconcobraponyplz: ...Also, the fools running it are the most incompetent, mentally deficient degenerates I have ever encountered!
:icontrixiedeviousplz: YES! Trixie agrees completely! To think they had the nerve of insulting her humble and generous nature is an unforgivable affront!
:iconcobraponyplz: Completely unforgivable! In fact, I'll see to it that the lot of them are thrown into a pit of enraged vipers!
:icontrixiedeviousplz: Yes, and the pit should be surrounded with fire, so it's impossible for them to escape!
:iconcobraponyplz: Brilliant! We should also electrify the walls, so they have no chance of climbing out, either!
:icontrixiedeviousplz: Naturally! Also, the floor should be freshly waxed, so they constantly slip and fall onto the snakes!
:iconcobraponyplz: GLORIOUS! Also, the snakes should be on fire!
:icontrixiedeviousplz: That does not even make sense, but Trixie agrees completely!
:iconcobraponyplz: ...Have I mentioned how much I love that your ostentatious fashion sense and egocentric mannerisms remind me of myself?
:icontrixieslyplz: No, you did not, but has Trixie mentioned how much she loves that she is able to admire her reflection in your faceplate while speaking to you?
:iconcobraponyplz: I was just about to say the same thing about those captivating eyes of yours. They remind me of a cobra poised for the kill.
:icontrixieslyplz: That is the loveliest compliment Trixie has ever received.
:iconcobraponyplz: ...Would you like to see my Terrordrome? I just had my Weather Dominator upgraded.
:icongreatpowerfultrixie: You had Trixie at "Dominator."
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and than they fuck the end

words of ever clop fic ever made
Why is there a drumstick on his plate?
CharlestheComicArtis Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm having a heart attack

Well, this should be interestin! XD
I love this!

I hope you don't mind, but I did a comic dub of your comic! I gave you full credit! I hope you like it! :) 

a match made in heaven
long live cobra commander!the great snake lives forever!
honsetly, the all cobra-colt was something new, fresh, alongside trixie, this is an instant ship, honsetly.
Heh, I love this.
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