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July 12, 2012
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But, -I really tried this time... by NaterRang But, -I really tried this time... by NaterRang
What happens when you neglect something in life because it's boring or irrelevant to your personal interest?

What happens with suddenly that something becomes relevant? -When it determines whether or not you get to attend an event you've waited your whole life for?

What happens when you devote your full attention and time to that something with so much on the line-

-and you still fail?
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Poor, poor Rainbow Dash. :(

Failure, especially at something you truly tried your best at, is a devastating blow to one's self-confidence, especially for someone like Rainbow Dash. She was doubtlessly convinced that if she had simply wanted to do well academically, she could do so easily. Her grades were bad because she had other things to worry about, and nothing more.

Unfortunately, she learned that she is not infallible, and that she can fail. We see the consequences of this crushing defeat reverberate well into adulthood. Her arrogance and her ego are both emotional shields; when they are stripped away by the possibility of another humiliating failure (the Best Young Flyers competition), we see that deep inside, she never fully recovered.

This is a poignant and heart wrenching scene, a captured trauma that will define Rainbow Dash, and leave her forever running away from herself. She dropped out of Flight School because she could not handle the risk of another failure. Despite her incredible natural talent, she is content to remain a small town weather pegasus; by being a big fish in a small pond, she can avoid situations that would fall out of her comfort zone.

This also drives her to constantly push herself to improve herself in areas where she is already talented: flying and athletics. She has to be the fastest, the strongest, the best, at everything she does, to prove to herself that she is worthy. This drives her to be unshakably loyal as well: not coming through for her friends or her town is a failure in Rainbow Dash's eyes, and that is the one thing she dreads more than anything else. Is it any surprise that Discord used visions of failure (in this case, failing to save Cloudsdale) to corrupt Dash?

The fact that I am able to read so much into this piece is a testament to its quality. It is also beautifully drawn, and lovely to look at. Wonderful work as always, NaterRang! :)
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Vision: Good God, has this happened to me. Just at a first glance I can tell that something serious just went down, and it really makes me want to explore the story in it further.

Originality: Rainbow isn't really my favorite pony, mainly because her brash, abrasive attitude reminds me of my childhood bullies. Seeing her in a state of submission and of failure really helps give her some more depth as a character, and depth is necessary if you want your character to be universally loved. Just seeing the tears falling down this sad little filly's face nearly brings tears to my own eyes. The one thing I could say is that you REALLY did not need to put Derpy in here. I understand that it is supposed to be a counterpoint to the pain that Rainbow is feeling, but this obvious bit of fan service detracts from the whole experience. If you were to redo this, I suggest that you change Derpy to a anonymous pegasus, just so that the original counterpoint is there, but people won't be distracted from the main message of the story. Besides, Derpy getting an A+ while Rainbow gets a D-? C'mon dude, give our cyan friend some credit.

Technique: Very good drawing here, and I especially liked how you gave everything an orange filter so that it would seem more like it was evening. However, some of the lines seem a little slap dash, particularly on the lockers. Fluttershy's mouth also seems a little awkward looking, and her wings aren't as polished up as the rest of the drawing. Good work, but keep those
little things in mind.

Impact: This picture hit me like a ton of bricks wrapped around a Halo 3 Gravity Hammer, and it was for all the right reasons. The pain and sadness, the true crushing dread of knowing that you've failed at something you've tried so hard to succeed at, that is what makes a picture stick out. It doesn't all have to be flashy visuals and bright colors, sometimes all it has to be is a sad little filly after a bad day at school.

Overall: A remarkable picture that will definitely be going on my iPad and in my favorites. You sir, are a master at telling a story without words, and if you just fix up the few little technique niggles and your desire to Appel to the fans so much, and you will have something truly deserving of calling a masterpiece. Feel free to comment if you disagree, and I hope to see more of your art in future!
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:icondashienuuuplz::iconsaysplz: But how can I get a D-minus on a PREGNANCY TEST?!
men.....the feels
Sooooo if I'm interpreting this correctly the school has a class trip to see the wonderbolts, but only those with a passong grade can go to it and because RD failed she can't go. Right?
NaterRang Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are correct.
ilovesonik Jan 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
dadad stop making so much feels pictures xD people are gonna die from all the feels ;o;
This reminds me of a class trip I had about 8 years back... We were about to break for the Summer, when my teachers came up with the bright idea for a field trip on the last day of school. Normally, no big deal. However, the trip was to an airshow, where teams from all over the world would display their skill for all to see. My parents said there was one catch: since we were cash strapped at the time, I had to earn the money myself. The trip cost almost 80$. Seeing as how my school at the time wasn't helping kids who were tight on money, I did whatever I could.  When the due date for the permission forms came, I actually counted all the change I had. I was off by less than 5$. I begged my parents for the cash, but they said no. I walked into class and asked a few other kids and their parents for the $4.30 I needed, but I got nos all around.  I didn't go to school the day of the trip. I didn't do anything but cry into a pillow.

Oh buck... I'm crying again.

(PS: when I finally left my room, I learned my best friend had left me a small package on our doorstep. I will never be able to thank him enough for what he gave me. I still have it, actually, framed,hanging on my wall).


I like this. I think a lot of nerdy types forget that poor grades can be really upsetting because when they were that age their biggest problems were to do with dealing with other kids.  

I'm not sure if you should have put derpy getting and A 'cause it ends up making me laugh at the sadness of the art 
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